10 Ways for weight loss without exercise

           You don’t have to worry even you don’t have time to perform a consistent physical exercise for weight loss. It is true that through consistent physical exercise you can lose your weight in a short period of time. Apart from physical exercise, there are also many ways for weight loss.

          These ways usually take some longer time than performing an exercise. However, if you follow these ways carefully you can lose your weight as quickly as performing an exercise.

1. Ketogenic diets system for weight loss:

          Ketogenic diet system is the consumption of high fat and low carb-containing foods. This system drastically reduces the production of glucose in the body and the body will automatically tend to run on alternative fuel which is a ketone.

          Ketone is produced from fats by the liver when you consume less carbohydrate. In the process, the fats in your body will convert into ketone and do help in the reduction of body weight.

          This weight loss technique is not appropriate for people who are suffering from eating disorder, diabetes, highly vulnerable to diabetes and high blood pressure.

2. Drinking weight losing vegetable juice:

          Fresh vegetable juice from carrot and beetroot lower the appetite and will help you in consuming less carbohydrate. These vegetables also contain high soluble and insoluble dietary fibre that fight the fats in the body. Due to this, drinking a glass of carrot and beetroot juice daily will definitely help in weight loss.

          Besides, you can also prefer fresh allium foods juice for weight loss. Allium foods consist of onion and garlic. This juice not only reduces weight but also improve the immune system in the body.

3. Intermittent fasting:

          Fasting is the restriction of solid food in the body. Fasting for 2 days a week will help in reducing the calorie intake and allow the body to start ketosis. Ketosis is the process of converting body fats into ketone which is the only alternative body fuel of glucose. This conversion of body fat into ketone will allow you in weight loss.

4. Making a schedule for drinking water:

          Everybody knows that drinking plenty of water daily reduces many possible health issues. But, if you make a schedule for drinking water you can also reduce your body weight. Drinking a glass of water before every meal will help in curbing your appetite and allow you to eat fewer foods. This reduction in the food intake definitely reduce the calorie consumption and as a result, your body weight tends to reduce.

5. Drinking lemon juice:

          Lemon contains vitamin C and potassium. Drinking lemon juice help in balancing the blood pressure and improve the immune system in the body. Experience has shown that drinking a glass of warm lemon juice which is mixed with ginger is effective for weight loss.

6. A cup of green tea every morning:

          Green tea contains zero calories. It improves the entire immune system in the body. Green tea reduces health issues such as cardiovascular disease, inflammation, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. Studies also found that drinking green tea improves brain function.

          Drinking a cup of green tea regularly in the morning will help in weight loss. Because it improves the biological metabolism and burns fat.

7. Make your lunch spicy:

          Spicy foods are good for your health. Eating a spicy lunch helps in reducing your body weight because pepper contains capsaicin that increases the body temperature and allows the fats in the body to burn.

          For a better result and to improve your health performance make sure you eat a light breakfast before taking your spicy lunch.

8. Smell bananas and green apple before your meal:

          Studies have found that smelling bananas and green apple when one feels hungry help in weight loss. Because smelling sweet smell of bananas and green apples curb one’s appetite and help in less calorie intake.

9. Drink a glass of wine daily:

          You can drink a glass of wine every day to lose weight. Recent studies have shown that wine contains chemicals that help in burning fats in the body. But keep in mind that over drinking wine will bring you negative impacts instead of weight loss.

10. Eat foods slowly:

          Always try to eat foods slowly. Chew the foods well. This habit will make you eat fewer foods and as a result, your calorie consumption will reduce in a great amount. Its a proven way for weight loss.

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