15 Foods You Should Eat For Weight Loss

          Foods you eat daily has a direct relationship with how much you want to lose your weight. For weight loss, you need to eat healthier and take a regular workout.

          Eating foods that can help in boosting your metabolism, burn fats, suppress hunger, increase in releasing hormones, etc will allow you to lose weight faster.

Here are the lists of foods that can help you lose weight in a month.

1. Spinach:

          Spinach is a low carb, low fat and high fibre and water green vegetable. It also contains a high amount of vitamins and minerals.

          Experts say that eating 3-4 cups of spinach a week can boost weight loss by about 10 per cent. Including spinach in diet will also keep you full for many hours because of its high fibre content.

          Lipoic acid that helps in blocking sugar from getting into the blood is present in spinach in large quantity. Due to this, the sugar in the body will use up as energy instead of storing as fats.

2. Eggs:

          The simplest way to lose weight is the reduction of daily calorie intake. Eggs are low calorie and high protein food. One good thing about high protein foods is that it reduces appetite and keep a person full for many hours.

          Including eggs in breakfast will suppress your hunger and makes you eat less in your later meal. This reduction in your daily calorie intake will make you lose weight soon. Eating eggs also help in boosting the body metabolism which helps in faster weight loss process.

3. Green Beans:

          Green bean is a versatile vegetable that contains low fat and high dietary fibre. If you are trying to lose weight, eating 3-4 cups of green beans daily may provide essential nutrients without adding excess calories to your body.

          One can eat green beans as raw or use for making dietary dishes. Having knowledge of how to incorporate green beans into your weight loss plan can help you enjoy this low calorie and low-fat vegetable.

          Besides low fat and high fibre content, green beans also contain vitamins and antioxidant that help in preventing and curing many possible diseases.

4. Whey protein:

          Whey protein hydrolysate is the best whey protein type for weight loss purpose. This protein type has already undergone partial hydrolysis that is necessary for the body to absorb protein. It contains zero per cent sugar and fat.

          This type of whey protein is mixed with enzymes for faster digestion into the bloodstream. The high protein content of the whey protein will help you burn fat without losing muscles from the body.

5. Grape Fruit:

          Eating grapefruit will help you with weight loss because it has very few calories and low fat. It also contains vitamin C, fibre and a lot of water. Eating grapefruit before the meal will suppress your appetite and makes you feel less hungry. Due to this, you will consume less calorie in your later meal.

          You can eat grapes in the breakfast with banana or eggs if you want to lose your weight and always try to avoid eating sugar in breakfast.

6. Walnuts:

          Walnuts are high-calorie foods but their energy production is less. Eating walnuts may help in controlling your appetite.

          Many studies in diabetes, obesity and metabolism have found that walnuts contain an ingredient that can satisfy your hunger and make you feel full for many hours.

7. Banana:

          Studies say that foods having low glycemic index helps in losing weight. Banana is a food that has a lower glycemic index compared to other fruits.

          Low glycemic index foods take times to digest, absorb and metabolise slowly. These make a person feel less hungry. Banana also contains a high amount of water, potassium and very less amount of fat.

          Eating 2-3 bananas in the morning or breakfast will keep you full and eat fewer foods at lunch. Try to avoid eating the banana in the day or night time if you really want to lose your weight.

8. Berries:

          Berries are not only delicious fruit but also contain many vital nutrients that provide various health benefits. The benefits include the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and weight loss. Some studies say that berries have anti-cancer property.

          Scientists at Havard University done a research on the benefits of eating berries and found that increases in daily intake of berries can help people lose weight for the long term. This is because berries contain an ingredient called flavonoid which helps in weight loss.

9. Whole Grains:

          Eating whole grains three or more times daily as oatmeal is better than eating the same amount in white carbs. Studies have found that people who eat oat have 10 per cent less belly fat than those who eat white carbs.

          It is true that whole grains contain a good amount of fibre. As a result of this, eating grains will keep you full for many hours and make you consume fewer calories.

10. Avocados:

          A study found that eating avocados can help people lose weight for many reasons. Avocados are nutrients rich food that help in a higher intake of fibre, healthy fats, vitamins, folate, magnesium, copper and potassium. So, eating avocados daily will definitely help in losing weight.

11. Cayenne Pepper:

          Scientific studies have claimed that daily consumption of cayenne pepper can boost body metabolism and speed up abdominal fat loss. This food item has the ability to convert the food intake into energy and increase the core temperature and burn fat.

          Another study also found that ingestion of cayenne pepper in low amount can reduce appetite slightly. The reason for the weight loss of eating pepper is that it contains capsaicin that helps in burning calories.

12. Salmon:

          Many researchers on weight loss recommend consuming salmon because it helps in transforming your body’s fatty white fat cells into fat-burning beige cells.

          Besides, eating salmon also helps in building muscle after you perform a regular workout. It contains the right types of fats, such as Omega-3s, which helps your body burn more fat.

13. Cinnamon:

          Cinnamaldehyde is an essential oil in cinnamon that helps to activate thermogenesis in the body. Thermogenesis is a metabolic process in the body that helps in burning calories and produces heat resulting in weight loss.

          So, always try to add some cinnamon to your oatmeal in the morning if you really want to lose your weight. Because this food item will help in burning fat cells in your body.

14. Apples and Pears:

          Many evidence has found that eating apples or pears before a meal or with meal help in reducing body weight. A research team at State University of Rio de Janeiro study the correlation between apples, pears and weight loss and found that people who eat apples and pears with oatmeals three times daily lost more weight than who eat only oatmeals. It also helps in reducing blood sugar level in the body.

15. Chicken and beef:

          Regular intake of protein in the daily diet can boost the body metabolism and burn more body fats and abdominal fats. Protein also helps in preserving lean muscles during the process of weight loss.

          Chicken breast and lean beef contain a high amount of protein that can supplement the protein requirement of a person for boosting metabolism and reducing weight.

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