Top 10 fresh vegetable juice for good health

          You may be confused why vegetables as juice instead of eating fresh or cook one? The answer is simple, eating solid foods either it is fresh or cooks one takes hours while digestion. Due to this the cells and tissues have to wait for hours for nourishment. Fresh vegetables also contain lots of micronutrients. Drinking vegetable as juice will fasten the process of assimilation in the body.

          Again another question is, why fresh vegetable juice? Everyone knows that micro-nutrients are an essential material in a human body. If you cook the vegetable, most of the nutrients present in the fresh vegetable will escape from it. But drinking fresh vegetable juice will definitely increase the amount of micro-nutrients intake in the body. Here I write top 10 fresh vegetable juice that will bring you surprising results.

1. Beetroot and its leave juice:

          Beetroot contains micronutrients such as iron, calcium, potassium, sodium, chlorine, vitamin C, etc. Drinking a glass of beetroot and its leave juice will increase the amount of blood in the body. It also boosts a person’s energy and improves stamina. For the woman, this juice will correct the menstrual cycle.

Besides, other benefits of drinking this juice include lowering blood pressure, preventing cancer, improving sexual performance, whitening of skin, boosting the brain function, etc.

2. Carrot juice:

          Drinking carrot juice will improve your eye, hair and skin health because it contains Vitamin A and antioxidant. This juice can reduce the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, intestinal and liver disease and clotting of blood. The antioxidant present in carrot help in removing the skin wrinkle and improve the condition of the skin.

          Carrot juice is more helpful in nursing mother because it increases the quality of mother’s milk. It also protects the nervous system.

3. Tomato juice:

          Fresh tomato juice is more preferable than cook one because when cook the organic acid present in tomato change into inorganic and increase the risk of forming kidney and gall bladder stones. Lycopene, which is the colouring pigment of tomato reduce the risk of causing many types of cancer including lungs, skin, prostate, etc. Tomato juice contains vitamin A, C and K that are helpful for eye and bone health. This juice can also reduce the level of cholesterol and balance the blood pressure.

4. Asparagus juice:

          Asparagus juice has the ability to fight harmful free radicals in the body, it is one of the best juice for reducing the risk of cancer. In addition to this, drinking asparagus juice will improve the immune system. Sometimes, many people are drinking this juice to recover from a hangover.

5. Alfalfa juice:

          Leguminous herb like alfalfa contains a high amount of calcium, Magnesium, phosphorus, chlorine, Sodium, Potassium antioxidant, etc. Drinking a glass of alfalfa juice will help in proper functioning of various organs in the body. It also prevents heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and menopause.

6. Eggplant juice:

           This is a high fibre vegetable. Juice made from eggplant can be used for weight loss purpose. The potassium present in eggplant help in reducing strokes and dementia. Studies also find that drinking eggplant juice prevents brain damage because of the antioxidant present in the vegetable.

7. Celery juice:

          Daily used of celery juice is not good for health but drinking once a month will definitely give you a surprising result. Celery contains a high amount of vital organic sodium. As a result, drinking this juice will reduce the level of sugar in sugar patient.

8. Capsicum juice:

          Red capsicum contains a colouring pigment called lycopene which helps in fighting cancer. It also contains vitamins including vitamin A, B, C and K. So, capsicum juice will prevent from age-related disease and improve the health of eye and hair. People can prefer capsicum juice for eliminating wrinkle from the skin and increasing skin condition.

9. Allium food juice:

          Onion and garlic are allium foods. One should drink juice made from onion and garlic to improve the immune system and to fight the inflammation in the body. It also reduces the cholesterol level and controls the blood pressure in the body. Drinking this juice effectively reduce dysentery because it has the ability to eliminate the intestinal parasite.

10. Spinach juice:

          The last and most important vegetable for making juice is spinach. Spinach consists of proteins, vitamin, iron, etc. Spinach juice improves the entire digestive system. Drinking spinach juice will help in cleansing the body parts. Spinach also comes under the dark green vegetable category that is useful for improving skin, hair and bones.

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