Top 11 tips to postpone Ageing

          Ageing is the process of becoming older. It changes the overall physical appearance of a person’s body including wrinkles on the skin, loss of skin and muscles volume. The immune system becomes weaker and almost all the major diseases come up with ageing. It also reduces a person’s physical performance and quality of life.

          Educating yourself on ageing and its possible health outcomes will get the opportunity to prevent from age-related diseases and postpone from premature and mature ageing. As a result of it, you can survive beyond your natural lifespan.

How to postpone ageing:

1. Stay fit:

          With ageing, a person’s immune system defence mechanism become impaired and almost all age-related diseases such as atherosclerosis, cancer, cardiovascular defects, cataract, diabetes, dementia, muscular degeneration, neurodegeneration, osteoporosis and sarcopenia can come up easily.

          So, staying fit is very important to a person with ageing. Performing cardio, strength, flexibility and yoga exercises daily improve the person’s immune system and also help in well functioning of all body parts. Due to this the chances of causing age-related diseases to decrease.

2. Reduce stress:

          Studies have confirmed that stress accelerates the natural ageing process. It affects the immune system’s response to hidden inflammation. Some sign of stress includes feeling lonely, sad, worried, easily angered, change in sleeping habit, frequent headaches, nausea, constipation, loss of sexual desire and ability, frequent infection, etc.

          Living happily by reducing stress will definitely help you in postponing the natural ageing and add quality in your life.

3. Stop smoking:

          The amount of blood supply to the skin will reduce if you smoke. As a result of this, your skin will often become dry and occur premature ageing of the skin. This makes your skin wrinkle and make you look older. Studies also found that people who smoke typically die at an earlier age than non-smokers.

          Besides, smoking has other health risks such as poor vision, cardiovascular disease, many types of cancer, infertility, sexual problems and lungs diseases. So, it is better to stop smoking.

4. Stop heavy drinking:

          Heavy drinking of alcohol can damage the liver that increases the chance of causing liver cirrhosis. Drinking also dehydrates the body. As a result of it, the skin becomes dry and wrinkle can start appearing. Further dehydration can shrink the size of the brain and can occur memory loss.

5. Drink plenty of water:

          Drink about 2-3 litres of water daily because drinking plenty of water keeps the skin hydrated and improve the condition of skin making the skin looks younger. It helps in flushing out the toxins that hinder the well functioning of all body organs and immune system from the body.

          Water acts as a lubricator and lubricates the joints in the body resulting in relieving from pain on joints. Diseases like rickets, osteoporosis and frequency of headaches can be reduced by drinking water. Truly saying, drinking an adequate amount of water improves physical performance.

6. Cleansing of body parts:

          Cleansing of body parts helps in removing harmful chemicals and toxic materials from the body. As a result of it, your immune system will become stronger and increase the ability to defend and eliminate diseases. Sometimes, liver cleansing also removes the liver stone.

7. Use anti-ageing cream:

          Use of anti-ageing creams will help in reducing the appearance of wrinkles from the skin. Sagging of skin and fine lines are reduced as the cream rehydrate the skin. This cream also nourishes the skin and protect from harmful sun rays. Thus, the skin gets healthy and look younger.

8. Take enough collagen proteins:

          The human body produces collagen protein on a regular basis and makes the skin healthy and younger look. But, with ageing its production of collagen drastically reduce. Taking collagen proteins help in repairing muscles which further help in maintaining muscles mass in the elder. It also protects the loose skin, dryness, fine lines and other body organs.

9. Eat anti-ageing foods:

          A substance like antioxidant protect the cells of the body from harmful free radicals damage. This substance is responsible for skin care. So, eat foods that contain a higher amount of antioxidant.

          Some of the foods that contain antioxidant are tomato, grapes, ginger, pea, carrots, beetroots, asparagus, kiwi fruits, etc.

10. Take adequate rest:

          Taking an insufficient amount of rest not only increase the level of stress but also disturb the biological metabolism inside the body. This directly accelerates the ageing process. Thus you are required to take adequate rest to postpone your natural ageing.

11. Drink vegetable juice:

           Drink a glass of anti-ageing vegetable juice every day. Vegetables like carrot and beetroot contain a high amount of antioxidant which is helpful in slowing down the ageing process. These vegetables also contain vitamin C and Vitamin A that improve the skin, hair and eye health.

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