Why Coca Cola Or Coke Is Bad For Your Health?

          Consumption of coca cola or Coke has increased considerably during the last decades. Many medical professionals have been warning us about the effects of coca cola and soft drink consumption for years. But still, people don’t change from this sugary habits.

          It’s scary to what the effects of coca cola are having on our body. Lots of recent studies also show that consuming soda over a long period can harm your health. Here is a list of the most convincing reasons to refrain from drinking coca cola.

1. Bone Fracture:

           Coke contains caffeine, an ingredient that increases the urinary excretion of calcium and ruin calcium from the body. This loss of calcium should be compensated through intestinal absorption. But if you drink coke regularly, you cannot compensate for the losses. Due to this, you may have calcium deficiency and increase the risk of causing osteoporosis.

          Osteoporosis is a disease caused due to low calcium in the body leading to fragile and broken bones. Another component of coke that helps in ruining the bone is phosphorus. Experts recommend that people should consume phosphorus not more than 700 milligrams per day.

2. Vitamin Deficiency:

          The drink contains a good amount of phosphoric acid. This is used by the manufacturer to add flavour in the drink and also prevent bacteria and mold.

          However, phosphorus in phosphoric acid help in washing away the vitamins and many other nutrients from the body. Due to this, you will suffer from vitamins deficiency when consuming a lot of coke for years.

3. Dental Erosion:

          Children are more likely to suffer tooth decay from the consumption of coke. The risk is also greater if the frequency of consumption is high.

          Many soft drinks including coke, use phosphoric acid as an acidifying agent. In some soft drink like coke, the pH value comes up to 3.0 which is even lower than the lemon juice. This acid can dissolve the tooth enamel and may cause dental erosion.

          In addition to acid, coke contains a high amount of sugar. This sugar also significantly contribute to tooth decay. Many experts suggest reducing the consumption of coke to minimize the damage of the teeth.

          You can also use a straw while drinking a soft drink to avoid contact with the teeth before it is swallowed. This measure can help you reduce the risk of teeth decay.

4. Obesity And Weight-Related Disease:

          Coke contains a large amount of liquid sugar that help in gaining more and more weight. People who drink coke while eating or after usually eat a large amount of foods due to its acidic property. This amount to the large increment in the level of sugar in the body.

          This highly increase in the level of sugar in the body will increase the risk of causing cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. So, people who consume a lot of coke should perform a consistent exercise to minimize the effects of coke.

5. Ovulation And Menstrual Disorder:

          Women who consume coca cola for years may likely have a shorter menstrual cycle due to the presence of caffeine. Regular intake of caffeine can constrict the uterine blood vessels and reduce the menstrual bleeding and shorten the duration of menses.

          Several studies found that consuming a lot of caffeinated drinks can delay the time of conception. It is also said that women consuming caffeinated soft drinks daily have a high risk of ovulatory disorder infertility.

          More evidence is needed but some data suggest that intake of caffeine for years may cause DNA mutation and inhibit the tumour suppressor mechanism and increase the risk of causing ovarian cancer in women.

6. Decline Of Semen Quality:

          Some recent studies revealed that the sperm counts of people who drink at least 1 litre or more coca cola per day are lower than who don’t drink. This is due to the presence of caffeine in coke.

          In fact, caffeine intake has a direct relationship with the reduction in the quality of sperm in men. So, you should keep a limit in drinking this caffeinated drink to prevent this health effect.

7. Skin Problem:

          Coke has an inflammatory effect on the skin due to the presence of high sugar. Because of these facts, consuming a lot of coke daily can cause dehydration of your skin causing skin crack, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and development of acne.

8. Insulin Resistance:

          Insulin is a hormone that regulates the blood sugar level in the body. Consuming a large quantity of coke on daily basis can resist the effect of insulin in the body. Due to this, the level of sugar in blood will increase largely.

          The increase of sugar level in the blood allows the pancreas to release more and more insulin hormone resulting in metabolic syndrome. This further increase the risk of causing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

9. Kidney Failure:

          Zero sugar coke use artificial sweeteners that increase the risk of kidney failure. These artificial sweeteners can also reduce about 30% of the kidney function. So, this version of coca cola is proved to have more side effects than the sweet version.

10. Decrease Metabolism:

          Consumption of coke daily can decrease the metabolism and helps in destroying the fat burning enzymes. A can of coke after a workout may be tasty but it will give you almost zero results of your workout.

          Instead of coke, you can prefer a glass of warm water. The taste may be awful but it will really increase your body metabolism and help you to achieve what you desire after the workout.

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