Workout plan to make 6 packs abs fast

          A bodybuilder’s body is always incomplete without well-defined abs. Well defined abs are also a sign of being strong. Having well-defined abs improve a bodybuilder’s appearance better and attractive. It also helps in scoring more points in a contest.

          Making abs automatically reduce the belly fat and makes a bodybuilder’s waist small. As a result of this, the bodybuilder’s chest and thigh appear larger. Besides, It improves the function of abdominal muscle that helps in keeping the internal organ in right place by pulling the upper and lower body towards each other.

          Beginners in bodybuilding always tend to start with arms, chest and shoulder training, it is not wrong to do. But one thing they should keep in mind is that making abs at the very first stage is the best of the bests. It will give an unlimited source of motivation to a beginner and will help in building the rest of the body soon.

          There are many alternative workout plans to make abs. Performing any one of them will get the same result. But this workout plan will help you achieve your goal in a short period of time.

Cardio exercises to make abs:

          To start appearing Abs a beginner needs to keep belly fat at its minimum. Cardio exercises like running, high knee taps, cycling and skipping rope will help in reducing the belly fat a lot. Choose any of the cardio exercise mentions above and perform the workout for 15-20 minutes before starting the abs making exercises.

          Warming up the body with cardio increase the blood circulation thereby increase physical performance. It also increases the temperature of the muscles in the body. As a result of this, the contraction and expansion mechanism of the muscles increase which further help in reducing the risk of stretching and injuring the muscles.

Abs making workouts:

1. Plank:

          In plank workout, the bodybuilders have to balance and stabilize their body. This workout engages the core muscles of the abdomen.


          * Make the body straight with face toward the floor.

          * Support the upper body with elbow and raise knees.

          * Breath normally and look straight.

          * Continue it for 60 seconds and take rest for 10 seconds

          * Repeat the process for 4-5 times.

2. Sit up:

          This workout helps in building upper abs. Performing sits up in incline board is more effective in making abs.


          * Take an incline bench.

          * Lie down on it with the head down and feet up.

          * Sit up and try to touch your face to knees.

          * Then lie down again and continue it for 15-20 times.

3. Russian twisting:

          The purpose for Russian twisting as a workout is to make the upper abs, external obliques and intercostal muscles.


          * Lie down on the floor just like that of normal sit up.

          * Hold your head with your hand.

          * Sit up and twist right and in next repetition twist left.

4. Leg raise:

          Leg raising workout helps in making lower abs.


          * Lie down on the floor or on an inclined plane.

          * Keep your arm straight on the floor.

          * Raise your legs and make 90% with your upper body.

          * Repeat the process for 20-30 times.

5. Hip raise:

          The purpose of hip raises to make upper abs and external obliques.


          * Lie down on the floor.

          * Keep your arm straight on the floor.

          * Start raising your legs and finally raise the hip.

          * Repeat it for 15-20 times.

6. Bicycle riding:

          This workout touches every section of the abs.


          * Lie down on the floor with knees on air.

          * Kick the legs alternately just like riding a bicycle.

          * Try to do it 10-20 seconds in one set and repeat it and make about 4-5 sets every day.

7. Side bending:

          Side bending workout is mainly for external obliques.


          * Stand straight on the floor.

          * Bend on one side and try to touch your knee with one hand while the other on the head.

          * Repeat the same on another side too.

          * Continue it for about 30-40 times.

8. Hanging legs raise up:

          Hanging legs raise workout is little difficult, it requires strength for raising the legs. This workout touches almost all section of abs.


          * Hang your body with your hand holding the bar.

          * Try to raise your legs and make 90% with the upper body.

          * Try to repeat it for at least 5-15 times.

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